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Katzenbach Law Offices has the experience you need when you must appeal or defend against an appeal in the court of appeals. With appellate experience in both the California Supreme Court and Court of Appeal and the United States Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, we have the experience you need to

 Decide if an case merits the difficulty and expense of an appeal.

 Identify the issues that will make or break the case for the appellate judges.

 Identify and organize the record to present your case to the appellate court in the detail necessary to obtain a favorable outcome.

 Present a comprehensive and persuasive legal argument to support your case in the appellate court.


We have a library of appellate briefs available for prospective clients to review so that can see for themselves the quality and experience we bring to the appellate process. If you are interested in retaining Katzenbach Law Offices for your appeal, we will be happy to schedule an appointment where you can review samples of our briefs.


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